1. Forfeit fees apply; the fee is equivalent to the total game fee for BOTH teams. 
  1. The fee is "Double your Game Fee" (eg. If your game fee is normally $56, the forfeit fee will then be $112)
  • This is regardless of notice given prior to the start of your game. 
  • Teams must pay the forfeit fee in FULL the following round of the competition.
  • If less than 12 hours notice is given your team will incur forfeit fees plus a penalty of minus -5 points. 
  • If no notice at all is given and your team is a 'no show' your team will incur forfeit fees plus an additional $20 fee and a penalty of minus -7 points. 
  • If your team forfeits 3+ times during a season, management has the right to remove your team from the competition. 
  • The non-offending team will receive the following score: Netball: 20-0 / Soccer: 5-0 / Cricket: 100-0 & 3 skins / Volleyball: 20-0 

If you need to forfeit a game please call the centre on (03)58210290. Please DO NOT email, text or use the spawtz email player system.

This does not notify us that your team cannot play. The spawtz email player system is designed to be used between your team to know
what players 
are available, which then notifies the captain of your team. 

Thank you, Management