Indoor cricket is played on a rectangular, artificial-grass surfaced court. The court is enclosed in tightly tensioned netting, including a 4 metre high roof. The length of the pitch and size of the stumps are exactly the same dimensions as outdoor cricket.

Games consist of two innings. Each innings lasts for 12 overs. With 6 players per side, this means each and every fielder bowls 2 overs, and each pair of batsmen faces 4 overs.

With the compact size of the court, no player can be banished to far away on the boundary as some of us have experienced in outdoor cricket - in indoor cricket, everyone is close enough to regularly be involved in the action of the game.

The ball is softer than a regular cricket ball, everyone is involved to the same degree (regardless of ability), and you don't have to be super fit.

Runs are scored in a variety of ways, and the team with the higher score after both innings are completed is the winning side.

Indoor Cricket offers you many opportunities to develop your skills. Whatever your skill level and motivation, you'll find every match to be enjoyable and challenging. Men’s Cricket is played Wednesday nights.

Our competitions run all year round, so you can enter a team anytime! New seasons start in; November, March & July. There's NO cut off dates so it's never too late to enter a team.

Uniform: All teams must be in the same coloured polo/t-shirt or singlet top by round 5. No denim is permitted.

Game fees: $60 per week. Regardless of the number of players, or fill-ins, full game fees apply.

Forfeits: Forfeit fees apply; the fee is equivalent to the total game fee for both teams and must be paid the following round. This is regardless of notice given prior to the start of your game. Forfeit Fee: $120

All players compete at their own risk. ie. No injury insurance

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