Indoor Volleyball is played by two teams of 6 players, with the option of 3 substitutes, on a court divided by a net. The object of the game is to ground the ball in the opponent's court or to force the opponents into error. Each team is allowed 3 touches before returning the ball across the net. The ball must not be thrown, lifted or pushed, but must be hit cleanly. The players are generally positioned on the court in two lines of two, facing the net.

The major differences between beach and Indoor Volleyball are:

Playing surface

Team size

Scoring system

Overhand touches and tips

Block counts as a team touch

Coaching is not allowed

The game consists of 5 basic skills:


The act of putting the ball into play, from the back line, over the net by an underarm action.


First touch of the ball on receiving the service must be with the forearms (referred to as a 'dig'), the object being to pass the ball to a teammate close to the net.


The act of setting the ball up for an attacking hit by volleying the ball into the air using the fingertips.


The most common attacking shot, the player jumping up to hit a 'set' into the opponent's court.


A defensive action performed by jumping up with both hands above and over the net, attempting to prevent a 'spike' from entering the court.

The standard sequence of the above is for the 'serve' to be received by a player who 'digs' it to the centre frontline player for a 'set' to another player. The receiver of the set then attempts to 'spike' the ball into the opponent's court, avoiding a 'block' and forcing an error or grounding the ball in the opponent's court.


Our competitions run all year round, so you can enter a team anytime! New seasons start in; November, March & July. There's NO cut off dates so it's never too late to enter a team.

Uniform: All teams must be in the same coloured polo/t-shirt or singlet top by round 5. No denim is permitted.

Game fees: $60 per week. Regardless of the number of players, or fill-ins, full game fees apply.

All players compete at their own risk. ie. No injury insurance

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