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Starting from Term 1- 2014!

Netball – Terms 1, 2, 3 & 4

Indoor netball is a variation of netball, played exclusively indoors, in which the playing court is surrounded on each side and overhead by a net. This is a fantastic opportunity for young people to experience first hand the amazing game of Indoor Netball. U12, U14 & U16's.

Soccer – Terms 1 & 4

Indoor Soccer is for people of all ages who love the excitement of soccer and have the chance to play in a safe, indoor environment for fitness and fun all year round. Our Junior Indoor Soccer competitions run on Friday afterschool with divisions from Under 8's right through to Under 18's.

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Turbo Touch

Turbo Touch is a fast paced indoor game combining elements of Touch, Netball, Basketball and Ultimate for one hell of a great game.  Turbo Touch is full of action and perfect for all fitness levels and abilities.  

  • Tap ball to start and restart after a touch is made
  • Pass forwards, sideways, backwards, anything goes except kicks
  • 2 touches - handover
  • Drop ball – handover
  • On defense, give 2 metres or 2 seconds or give away a penalty
  • To score a touchdown, 2 passes must be made to ‘open’ the ‘Active Zone’.  No entering the ‘Active Zone’ until it’s open, or you’re offside – defense or attack
  • Mixed teams of 5 players + 2 subs, with a max of 3 males on the court per team
  • 16 minute halves


All nets live Mixed Netball

Same Indoor Netball rules apply as open court with the exceptions below:

  • All nets are live.
  • Ball must be touched by a player on the centre pass before hitting the net.
  • Goal cannot be scored if it hits the back net first.
  • During play the ball cannot be thrown over a third (Centre third to back net is over a third.)
  • Players cannot touch the net with their body while being in possession of the ball otherwise it will be a penalty pass.
  • Players cannot catch their own ball off the net as its considered replay.
  • Mixed team of 7 players. Max 3 males on the court at once.
  • 8 minute quarters.